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"For many years and for many reasons I have visited  Emmeline for treatment. I have always felt the benefits of her treatment and care. Emmeline has treated me for back problems which are now minimal. Stopped smoking after one visit. Skin problems now manageable. Gaul stones moved and gone. Drooping eye lid improved greatly just to mention a few. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are now my first thought for any complaint. Always a delight to visit Emmeline at Lotus and be treated so special. Love the fire cups etc. I have recommended Emmeline to many and certainly will continue to do so."

- Nancy.

"My first acupuncture experience with Emmeline was life changing. I've had ongoing bouts of anxiety and insomnia which turned into a vicious cycle in my life that I could not control anymore. After my first session I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, it was like I could finally breathe properly again. From just one session I experienced immediate effects of calmness. I felt like someone pushed the reset button in my life. I am amazed how much the session changed my life. I am truly grateful to Emmeline and her skillset. Emmeline is simply brilliant. Not only is she incredible at what she does , as an acupuncturist, but she is a fantastic person who makes it her mission to help you from the moment you meet her."

- Annabelle

"At the beginning of the lockdown I contracted Bells Palsy. Emmeline was recommended to me for pain relief treatment and face restoration, by a friend who had had Bells Palsy. Over the phone she was able to tell me about the pressure point. She kindly emailed diagrams of the pressure points, to help me with the pain I was experiencing. I pressed on these points, which helped ease the pain. After 5 weeks of chronic pain, Finally level 2 allowed Emmeline to treat me and within an hour of my first treatment the pain was totally gone. After several more treatments my twisted dropped face was restored back to normal. She has also treated other outlying conditions. I would certainly recommend Emmeline. Thank you Emmeline." 

- Phillipa

"Hi Em. Hey just wanted to thank you for all your help getting me to the Tarawera marathon start line. You wouldn’t believe it but had an excellent run. Took 28min off last years time. Now just recovering. Legs feel ok but haven’t done any exercise yet. You're a star!"

- Debbie

"Hello Emmeline. I have been meaning to email you for months to say thank you for the work you did with me re my fertility issues. I attended 2 sessions about 5-6 months ago. Not only did it help me emotionally but the month after my last session I fell pregnant with twins... You are amazing, thank you so much."

- Pipkin 

"I had an accident slipped on a wet concrete driveway sprained my hip thigh and back literally couldn't walk for a few days said bugger this, never been to a acupuncturist before after 3 appointments I was virtually back to normal. Amazing, I cant recommend Emmeline highly enough."

- Ross

To experience Lotus Clinic and book an appointment please contact Emmeline Taylor Acupuncture

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